GARP Research & Securities Co.

Phone: (410) 764-1300

2800 Quarry Lake Drive
Suite 140
Baltimore, Maryland 21209


• GARP Research is an independent equity research firm for U.S. mid-cap and small-cap growth companies with a decade-long track record of insightful analysis and strong results. We receive no corporate finance or trading income from the companies we cover.

• We currently have in-depth coverage of approximately 75 stocks. The firm prides itself on deep, fundamental and often contrarian analysis and is well-known for in-depth company reports focusing on competition and market potential. Additionally, GARP analysts visit over 50 companies each year in order to deliver 15 new recommendations annually.

• GARP’s coverage criteria and research methodology are unique. Recommendations are driven by an investment philosophy that focuses on long-term growth, quality, and control of risk. We favor companies that boast high market share, high gross margins, a limited need to employ capital, and possess enduring competitive advantages.

• Although we have a long-term orientation, we have produced notable short-term results because of our ability to identify valid long-term growth drivers, and our discipline of waiting for catalysts to emerge.

• We search for high quality as determined by actual or potential high return on capital employed (ROCE), competitive advantages, and the ability to gain market share over a multi-year period while achieving higher profitability than peers. Companies typically generate cash, grow organically, and are well financed.

• We control risk by technically analyzing long-term stock charts and employing a proprietary valuation methodology. We typically recommend a stock after it has declined significantly and based-out over many quarters. We avoid momentum stocks, falling knives, and other potentially risky trading formations.

• In addition to our regularly published fundamental research products, we host a unique and highly acclaimed bi-annual investment conference, regional analyst “Best Ideas” dinners, company road trips, conference calls with GARP analysts, and we make numerous in-person analyst visits with clients while we are on the road.


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